A Quick Note For Team-Specific Sports Bloggers

Hi friend. I’m glad you could make it.

I just wanted to pass along this friendly note to light a spark under your ass to get your readers to nominate you for the Untitled Sports Media Awards Project category that we have specifically created in an effort to help you, dear team-specific or region-specific sports blogger, get a little bit of national attention. 

Without local and regional sites, the national sites would have very little to steal. How many times have you bitched and complained that a small story of yours got huge because a big site took your story and got more views in one day than you see in a year? How unfair is that????

We know. It’s happened to us at our smaller, lesser known sites too. Which is why we’re giving you this chance to get your name out there. 

Here’s the process: you get your followers on Twitter and blog readers to nominate you here and your site will get on a list that will be given out to our nomination committee. The nomination committee is 25-30 names that include the heaviest of heavy hitters in our industry. 

Getting your name and website in front of this group can only help you, no matter how much you’ve convinced yourself you “don’t need some stupid awards show” or “have no chance to win with so many other sites out there.”

Forget that. We’re handing you an opportunity here. Get your damn name and website on the list. Care about your product and care about promoting it.

Here’s what can happen:

First, you could get the most nominations in the category, automatically qualifying your site for the finals. Second, you could get so many nominations that despite not winning automatic entry to the finals, our nomination committee takes great notice of the level of commitment of your readers that we reward you with one of the spots in the finals. 

What happens then?

Your site gets voted on by thousands of voters as one of the five best team/regional sites in the country. Think about what kind of validation that means. Think about the fact that your site will be a nominee in the same awards show as huge stars in our industry — both writing and TV.

To all the newspaper people struggling to make a dent in the coverage of a team that’s being taken over by bloggers…this is your chance to stand out on a national level. And to all the bloggers in content networks like SB Nation or Bloguin or Fansided or Yardbarker or the others I’m surely forgetting, how great would it be if you were the only site in your network to make the finals? How great would that look to the people who run your network? Don’t you think that might help you — along with the increased traffic you should get from being a part of the #USMAP voting and BwB event — get a little bit better deal for yourself?

Nobody is going to promote your site for you. Put a quick post up about the event — shit, do us the favor of helping us get the word out, and in doing so, drop a note about your readers voting for you. If you don’t want to put it on your blog because you feel it’s too whorish, throw the link on Twitter and get your followers to nominate you. 

Think about it this way: if someone handed you a scratch and win lottery ticket, would you throw it away before seeing if you won a few hundred bucks? Scratch the damn ticket and show you care about promoting your site.

Thanks. I hope to see your site in the inbox soon.

Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough.

Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough.